Japan: Spring Break

For my last spring break of college, Sam and I decided to travel to Japan. Neither of us had been there before, and for me, this was the first time leaving the States in 20 years (going to Korea as a two year old for my late grandfather's funeral doesn't count as traveling in my book). We were in Japan for a full week, from March 12 - 18, spending three days in the Kyoto area and the other three in Tokyo. 

Disclaimer: I am the absolutely worst at documenting my life. Every January 1st, I make the resolution to take more photos, but I am still the worst. I am impatient; I just want to do, and live in the moment rather than capturing it. Thankfully, my travel companion, a wonderful photographer, documented nearly everything we experienced, from the A5 Wagyu we ate in Arashiyama to the quaint alleyways of Pontocho. I frequently expressed frustration when Sam would stop me from digging into my ramen, or asking me to stay still in a heavily congested area for a picture. Still, I am thankful. Therefore, I have decided to compile his photos into a series of blog posts detailing our trip to Japan. This project is mainly for myself and Sam, but I hope you enjoy these posts too. 


Gloria Kohjapan